was established to support/promote/serve all Maximo professionals/users through sharing knowledge and experience, showcasing successes, highlighting challenges, and providing a means to develop professional and personal relationships in order to gain a better understanding and best utilization of Maximo. is owned and operated by seasoned/veteran/experienced Maximo professionals/specialists/experts managing regional/industry Maximo User Groups. The regional/industry Maximo User Group events are open to users from all geographical locations.


FieldFLEX® is the world’s leading provider of enterprise mobile solutions for field service workers. We mobilize existing enterprise systems, such as IBM Maximo, IBM TRIRIGA, SAP, and others as well as providing pure SaaS-based solutions. We offer mobile solutions for work order management, work team management, time tracking, inventory management, asset management & monitoring, inspections, HS&E, permit to work, facility and asset condition assessment, and many others.

Our mobile solutions are fully integrated integrated, highly scalable, offline-enabled apps that not only offer operational efficiencies by reducing costs and risks, but build a culture of engagement by connecting mobile employees with their workplace to provide real-time interaction and performance feedback.

Established in 2003, FieldFLEX® has offices across the globe serving private and public sector organizations, including Energy, Utilities, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Finance, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Retail, Telecommunication and Commercial Services. We are trusted mobile experts and have worked with over 40 leading Fortune 500 companies.

JFC & Associates

JFC & Associates is a world leader in integrating Enterprise Asset Management, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We assist organizations in adding and manage new technologies to accelerate their businesses and increase ROI, finding a smarter way of doing things and solving problems in unconventional ways.

We are more than an IT consulting company. Many of our team have hands-on experience as engineers, electricians, pipe fitters and facility managers. We know how to make technology work inside four walls, outside in the field, and anywhere from the boiler-room to the boardroom.