JFC & Associates

JFC & Associates is a world leader in integrating Enterprise Asset Management, IoT and Artificial Intelligence. We assist organizations in adding and manage new technologies to accelerate their businesses and increase ROI, finding a smarter way of doing things and solving problems in unconventional ways.

We are more than an IT consulting company. Many of our team have hands-on experience as engineers, electricians, pipe fitters and facility managers. We know how to make technology work inside four walls, outside in the field, and anywhere from the boiler-room to the boardroom.

KDIT Solutions

KDIT Solutions ensures Maximo is operating seamlessly at all times during implementation, upgrades and enhancing with add-on solutions.

We have been providing services to support organizations in keeping Maximo system reliable for over a decade.

Our Solutions –

Optimizing Maximo Performance:

  • Do your end-users have to work with slow IBM Maximo Environment?
  • Do you want to understand the bottlenecks that degrade the Maximo system performance?
  • Do you want to predict the hardware and infrastructure requirements for IBM Maximo whether on-premise or cloud?

We find and fix performance bottlenecks in your Maximo system that slows down the system for end users.

Intelligent AI BOTs for validating all data and workflows:

  • Is your testing in Maximo too time consuming?
  • Do you have enough people to test and support the system?
  • Do you have to test repeatedly for constant workflow changes?

Visit us at www.kditsolutions.com or contact us at clients@kditsolutions.com


MaximoGroups.org was established to support/promote/serve all Maximo professionals/users through sharing knowledge and experience, showcasing successes, highlighting challenges, and providing a means to develop professional and personal relationships in order to gain a better understanding and best utilization of Maximo.

MaximoGroups.org is owned and operated by seasoned/veteran/experienced Maximo professionals/specialists/experts managing regional/industry Maximo User Groups. The regional/industry Maximo User Group events are open to users from all geographical locations.